June 11th

11:00 -12:00 p.m. 

Zoom Training

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Hi there, 

Many of us feel frustrated and don't know how to break free from what is holding us back from moving forward and creating a new, purposeful life after divorce. Some of us become complacent and accept our life as it is now after going through a divorce. We don't move forward or bounce back from the experience.

We are stuck and don't know how to break down the mental bars that surround us.

From my own personal experience and those that I have helped through the years, I've come up with three strategies that are simple and effective getting you where you want to be much more quickly. 

You can also use these strategies with any struggle or challenge you need to overcome.


Why Will Your Life Change 

By Attending This Training?


Reason 1

As you learn how to change your focus, you override conflicted feelings and emotions by zeroing in on your vision for the future. 

Reason 2

Noticing your thoughts, you become aware of  "triggers". Change thoughts because  can't get to a solution from same level of thinking. 

Reason 3

Starting the day with a good attitude, you attract more of the same.  Develop a daily empowerment routine creating more harmony/balance.